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 The History and Progression of E-Books, and How They went from a Novelty to a Standard in Our Society

Nowadays, the creation of e-book or electronic book becomes progressively popular, and there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who use eBooks. Books have enjoyed an extraordinary evolution, from the clay tablets until it gets hold of the 21st century creation, the e-book format.

Symbols onto tablets are the very first attempts in creating books according to the records in the history, and Sumerians, an ancient group of people, are the very first one who created those symbols onto tablets. These symbols are called, cuneiform alphabet. Until the very first microprocessor was invented in 1971 and later on, books have been sold online.

It was from 2000 to 2006 when eBooks became popular in the market. Way back in the early 70ís, the very first eBooks were produced by the Gutenberg Project but in general, it was in the early 2000ís when this format become recognized and generally presented as a publishing and distributing format. The very first mass-market eBooks was publish in 2000, and it was a novel written by Stephen King entitled, ďRiding the BulletĒ, and within the first day of the release of the story, it vended more than 400,000 copies that ruined the producersí servers and resulted to enthusiasts having to wait for few hours before they could download an electronic copy again.

Regardless of this success, some publishers didnít see eBook formats as commercially practical or feasible at since it didnít have the standards, criteria or the moveable reader technology. This is the reason why in 2006 some of online eBook stores created a kindle, which became the very first e-book reader.

How E-Books went from a Novelty to a Standard in Our Society

Published books have served millions of people around the world, whether it be the society, the booklovers, or writers for more than a century now, and they have served people rather well. EBooks created a strong and firm foundation which optimizes and enhances the experience of the published or printed books. With it, books become more accessible, cost-effective, and available. They contributed a great optimism and enthusiasm, and they are no longer considered a novelty, rather they created a deep-rooted and extensive part of the publication and even to the reading setting.

There are self-help eBooks which help hundreds of thousands people around the world, and with the help of online eBook stores, the availability of eBooks become very accessible. People can adjust the type size, even the fonts of the text using the reading platforms and it provide a greater access for the readers. Ebooks still continue to become more refined as the years goes by. Aside from that, it gives people various benefits and advantages such as the ability to move or carry a great deal of collection of stories or books in a compact, more light, and moveable form. EBooks provide convenience to regular readers especially to those people who often travel.

The Benefits of E-Books to Readers

Absolutely free eBooks becomes extremely popular, and there are plenty of best place to buy eBooks which offer stories and books that involve self-help eBooks, diet, health & fitness, and a lot more that you will surely enjoy. With the use of the internet, downloading and purchasing eBooks became very easy and simple. Itís just like buying other products online. If you are thinking what are the various benefits you can get from eBooks, here are some of them:

ē EBooks can be downloaded and purchased in just a few minutes, and it is accessed almost immediately. You donít need to leave your chair or go out because you donít need to go to a bookstore just to purchase them. Aside from that, you need to wait longer. Most importantly, manufacturer paper doesnít need to cut trees for the pages of these eBooks.

ē EBooks offer quick and fast information by simply downloading, and there are some online EBook stores who give bonuses that do not usually happen with a printed or published book. With this, it provides you additional value on your every purchase, and it is more safely stored than regular printed books.

ē EBooks can be carried using a light, compact, and portable form, and it takes up less space. With the use of your tablet, phone, computer, or any reading device, you can store hundreds to thousands of stories. In addition, you can carry it anywhere minus the worries regarding their weight, and you can read it everywhere with the use of todayís technology. Speaking of technology, eBooks can show you links which can provide you simple and easy access to more information that is related to the topic.

ē You donít need to turn page after page since eBooks are searchable, and they will allow you to search information easily. It can also contain audio, animations, or even video which help to enhance the message of the writer thus; eBooks are more interactive than printed books. Aside from that, eBooks are printable so people who like to read in a traditional way, can still do it with the use of any kind of printer.

ē After choosing what stories you like, you can immediately download an eBook for free. You donít need to wait. Thus, it will help you to save time and effort.

Today, you can easily find information, regardless of what kind of subject it is, with the use of eBooks for free. However, you need to understand that it is very hard to predict what will happen in the future, still, people cannot deny the fact that eBooks have become very popular.

E-books are very practical, accessible, and affordable. People can carry thousands of books in just a single, light, compact, and portable form without worrying about its weight, and aside from that, it has the impending potential to aid and offer assistance when it comes to educating people. Particularly, those people who are living in third world countries. EBooks can offer easy access for a large variety of literature. E-books will remain the standard, for the foreseeable future.

Article written by:  11Bargains.

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